Monday, December 17, 2012

S/S 2014 Color, Print & Pattern

This season is highlighted by an optimistic attitude. There are lots of strong color palettes
that have multiple influences for how they will be utilized for different markets. Most every theme can be interpreted with two sides to each story. We see safe reassuring colors from prior seasons that are only slightly changed to update them. These base colors are then combined with other fashion colors of the season to create the newness we are all looking for. Color Palettes from this season’s themes will crossover from high fashion to sportswear.


            In this trend we see man’s fascination with the oceans and the underwater universe. Alternatively, aerial views of the earth’s oceans from above are the other side of this trend . It is inspired by underwater-scapes including tropical fish, coral reefs and other underwater plant life both for color and print direction. Vast oceans and rivers inspire this palette of water blues and greens that are calm yet powerful.  In addition we see color in ocean white caps, shades of coral, water greens and acid yellows inspired by plankton. Prints and patterns include ocean shells, corals, plants, fish, and underwater life. Viewing the earth from above we see prints in marbled strata, small cross hatch patterns, mineral surfaces, cracked textures and raised surface effects.


            As the future World Cup 2014 and Olympics 2016 are both due to be held in Brazil, the fashion world turns its attention to Central and South America as the influence for both color and print/pattern direction. Colors reflect the colorful culture of Carnival and Mardi Gras with a happy playful attitude. Prints/patterns will show tropical flora and fauna plus lush jungle animal life and landscapes endemic to that part of the world. The other side of this trend has ice-cream colors. Prints and patterns are inspired by snacks eaten at the circus or at Summer County Fairs and Carnivals or perhaps prints with clowns, jugglers and circus performers.


            Inspiration is derived by the new worlds of science, math, architecture and technology full of optimism and discovery on the one hand and a more faded melancholy mysterious mood on the other hand. We see luminous, virtual light acid inspired pastels that are simulated, artificial, cold and man-made. The other side of the story is nature inspired soft, bleached out whites and neutrals. Prints and patterns are architectural shapes, grids in large and small scale, geometrics, natural honeycombs and digital laser patterns.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Spring/Summer 2014 Color & Trend

                                                             AMERICAN TOURIST  
                             The overall theme for Spring/Summer 2014 continues to be
                             travel. Vacation friendly sportswear is highlighted  this season.
                             Classic beachwear looks emerge such as board shorts, printed
                             cabana shirts and sarong skirts. Utilitarian and Safari trends
                             continue. Africa, Latin America and tropical islands are also a
                             source of inspiration for prints and patterns. Fabrics are light in
                             weight focusing on cotton, cotton/nylon and linen blends.
                             Silhouettes are slightly roomy and comfortable. Colors are
                             bright yet slightly sun-drenched or faded by the sun. Key
                             prints and patterns focus on tropical floral prints, jungle foli-
                             age and novelty vacation conversation prints.
                            This trend focuses on the person who loves to be near the
                            water for their vacation. The theme is tilted toward coastal
                            towns, sailing, fishing and water sports. Dockside can be
                            slightly preppy or nautical inspired. Work wear details, utility
                            pockets and Naval influences emerge. Waterproof and
                            weatherproof and wrinkle-resistant fabrics move to the fore-
                            front. The windbreaker category and rainwear is up-trending
                            in outerwear. A color palette consisting of shades of blue is
                            key, mixing with linen white and khaki. Whitened bright colors
                            have a slight wash to the hue and add pop to the basic color
                            palette. Key patterns are Madras plaids and bold stripes.

                                                          SPORTY DIVERSION
                             An athletic pulse reverberates for this season, displaying
                             sporty silhouettes for the consumer who focuses on an
                             active lifestyle, even while on vacation. This is a sports
                             illustrated trend focusing on working out, baseball, running,
                             swimming and golf. There is a head-to-toe monochromatic
                             look which creates a clean, sophisticated attitude but there
                             is also a colorful, sporty look highlighted by bold color.
                             Silhouettes feature athletic details, and a voluminous and
                             fuller appearance emerges. Sporty stripes and color block
                             patterns are key elements.

 By Color Portfolio

Monday, December 3, 2012

What’s new for Denim?

The fashion design process starts by looking at the latest trends for yarn, fabrics, raw materials, technical details and accessories based upon what is being shown at the international fairs.
Close-Up Fashion Textile

There is a new magazine by the publishers of Close-up titles called Fashion Textile that  is a quick reference for designers and buyers, presenting a huge collection of all the fabrics and materials from the European fairs: Denim by Première Vision, Pitti Filati, Milano Unica, Mod'Amont, Le Cuir à Paris and Indigo.

Most of us wear Denim and it is therefore of interest to know what is trending. This is a great place to find out what is new and different this season for Denim clothing as featured at the Denim by Premiere Vision Fair. For Autumn/Winter 2013-14, we see “an opulent, charming  and glamorous season” with lots of Glitter, sparkle, metallic, jewel-like accessories and lots of decoration. In addition, are seeing dark coated shiny finishes on dark indigo, grey and black denim.


While we see a glam side to denim, we also see country inspired styles that work with plaid shirts and suspenders. Practical, warm and cozy denim mixed with cashmere, cotton, wool and real or faux fur are trending. There are more streamlined silhouettes that show clean lines and/ or may have a distressed finish. There are either super stiff heavyweight denims or extra supple weight fabrics with nothing in between.

Plus we see fabric treatments whereby color melts into color for a diluted effect.
Fashion Textile is an exclusive working tool offering the most up to date information featuring the new collections of all the important international textile companies for Men, Women and Children focused on yarns, fabrics, embellishments and more.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

View 2 Issue # 13 Spaces

What is the significance of "New Spaces?"

Everyone is experiencing challenging market conditions. Products that have been produced in some parts of the world for decades have had their manufacturing positions usurped by more price competitive regions of the world.

The answer to the above is for the companies who have been replaced by companies in another part of the world, is to re-evaluate, innovate and re-invent their product(s) to once again reclaim market share. "Two key factors are impacting the season- the aesthetics of the product and the way it is made." This is some of the ways that traditional brands are cleverly reemerging to rise once again to regain their business.

So many brands are developing a story that  seizes the current nostalgic mood while launching something new for the future. A narrative rooted in the past, resulting in something with a new dimension to capture the interest of today's consumer and thus the large market share they once enjoyed.

What is trending in both the men's and women's markets is bright color, mixing of different patterns and a military influence with a new approach to proportion and fabric. There is also more attention being channeled to the types of fabrics, their texture, appearance (inside and outside), structural make-up as well as the use of traditional materials and fabrics used in new ways. Details matter more than ever.

This issue of View 2 is named "'Spaces' in acknowledgement of this fresh sense of optimism and creativity" No matter what path the design cycle takes, " spaces can be whatever or wherever you need them to be."
View 2 issue #13 explores retail, street, men's & women's designers, denim, trade fairs, fabrics, trims, color, key looks, key items, graphic, footwear spanning A/W 12-13, S/S 13, and A/W 13-14. In addition, there are S/S 14 forecasts for casualwear, sportswear, design details, inspiration and more.                           

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pantone View Colour Planner S/S 2014

“Looking at color as a total language”

The new S/S 2014 Pantone View Colour Planner Portal: “ speaks to a point of joining; a way of referencing the past to inform the future, forming a path that moves us forward into another world. For spring/summer 2014 as we enter into the portal through to our way out, our interest in strong color continues becoming more grown-up, mellow and sophisticated in its level of thinking. Become a part of another view; another dimension; the perspective of a landscape turned on its head.”

Pantone View Colour Planner S/S 2014
  What is meant by “Portal” is based upon the Roman g-d of Portals Janus. This was a g-d worshipped during times of change such as birth, death, marriage, harvest, etc. He had two heads so he looked both ways towards the past and the future. So too, this season we are looking at two sides to the color and trend stories for the season; the past to look at the future. Natural colors of fossils and natural colors of chemically created materials. Blues of innocence, sadness and also hope. Warm pinks, reds and oranges that are urban and luxurious, then sweet and nostalgic. Bright and intense colors of nature and then bright colors of the digital world. Deep dark colors of the night forest and the colors of the light of day.
Portals brings the possibilities we can discover by looking at the past to see the vision of the future and allow us to be inventive in new ways. It is the spark we need to create new and different choices to present in the marketplace and offer our customers something compelling to purchase.


PANTONEVIEW Colour Planner Spring/Summer 2014 has seasonal trend inspiration, key color direction and a variety of color combinations for men’s, women’s active, cosmetics, interiors, industrial and graphic design.

To see the new S/S 2014 Pantone View Colour Planner  call  (212) 564- 3954 ext 12 or 13

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pantone Reveals Top Colors for Spring 2013


With no income tax, zero unemployment and the world’s highest life-expectancy rate, Monaco has a lot to offer. This spring, designers will be channeling that picturesque principality — although not directly — with Monaco Blue, the season’s leading color for women and men, according to Pantone Color Institute’s executive director, Leatrice Eiseman.

Not a dark navy, Monaco Blue has more of a maritime cast to it, but it is also a practical purchase for any wardrobe, with more than half the population listing blue as a favorite hue. “It speaks to the practicality that we are seeing in society. You have to realize there is still concern out there for the economy,” Eiseman said.

In fact, the top five spring colors for women — Monaco Blue, Dusk Blue, Emerald, Grayed Jade and Linen — are all shades that can be easily blended into consumers’ existing wardrobes. Noting how Dusk Blue has “kind of a quiet, calming sense of serenity,” Eiseman said, “There is sort of a stop-the-world-I-want-to-get-off feeling. People want dependably stable colors.”

That being said, there is still room for more Pop Art-inspired hues, with Poppy Red, African Violet, Tender Shoots, Lemon Zest and Nectarine ranking sixth through 10th, respectively.


1. MONACO BLUE 19-3964

Percentage of designers who used this color: 15.2
Navy is known to be the no-brainer, foolproof color for spring, but this shade has a bit more life. That said, it is still safe enough for guys to try out, especially in these topsy-turvy financial times.

2. ALLOY 16-3915

Percentage of designers who used this color: 13.6
This reliable midtone gray is a safe bet for guys who are always willing to add some grays to their closets. “It is kind of a shoo-in color that has a lightweight feeling,” Eiseman said.

3. DUSK BLUE 16-4120
Percentage of designers who used this color: 12.1
Hushed as it is, dusk blue invokes the calm of an evening sky, but it works as both a staple and a new neutral. “You wouldn’t expect that kind of softness to be that high up on the men’s color palette, but it is dependable and stable,” Eiseman said.

4. EMERALD 17-5641

Percentage of designers who used this color: 11.4
“Emerald is a wonderful color. We see it hanging on as a member of the green family for a while. But this really is a new direction for the green family,” Eiseman said.

5. GRAYED JADE 14-6011

An extension of that continued interest in green is this shade, which men can adopt without attracting quite as much attention to themselves as its bolder brother emerald. “Grayed jade really is a novel neutral that is not just another gray, beige, taupe or white — end of story.” Eiseman said.

6. POPPY RED 17-1664
Percentage of designers who used this color: 9.1
Dynamic and exciting, Poppy Red will play a leading role on men’s fashion trends for spring and summer. While women were first to appreciate this bold shade, now men are taking to it, too, according to Eiseman.

7. TIDAL FOAM 14-0210
Percentage of designers who used this color: 7.6
Reminiscent of the sea washing on the shore, Tidal Foam will be evident in collections like Elie Tahari’s. As far as neutrals go, it is a little more complex than most and it has more of a grainy undertone, Eiseman said. “But it feels a little newer than other dependable colors,” she said.

8. LINEN 12-1008
Percentage of designers who used this color: 7.6
Men’s interest in this “very enhancing” shade indicates a movement away from everyday neutrals to a more interesting choice. Eiseman said.


Percentage of designers who used this color: 6.8
Bright as this is, it is a natural progression for men who have shown a good deal of interest in orange over the past few seasons. It also mixes well with Tidal Foam, Monaco Blue and other spring colors.

10. SUNFLOWER 16-1054

Percentage of designers who used this color: 6.1
Sunflower is another newcomer to the scene that women were the first to gravitate towards. But this earthy, dijon-like shade offers a fresh option for men. It also can be combined with Monaco Blue or Emerald to kick up their spring wardrobes.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Textile View #99: Reimagine

This new issue of Textile View #99 examines the trend we are seeing of looking to past eras, decades, styles and moods to produce the fashion of today. The publisher David Shah tries to answer the question: "Why always the past?"We see packaging, prints, colors, styles, silhouettes, music, art, TV shows and products that celebrate decades like the 1950's to market to today's consumer. Some of this is to look at past times when the economy was better in the hopes of conjuring up this feel good mentality to get customers to think as they did when their finances were better and open their wallets once again and spend to have a positive outcome on company's bottom lines.

The danger of the above is that if we only revisit the past, customers will have less impetus to purchase what we offer today. We need to remember that not everything was perfect in the past and technology and innovation of modern day society has much to contribute. "Let's hope buyers will pick up on this and not continue to follow the past, but treat the nostalgic and retro for what they should be-platforms to a more exciting future!"Thus, the current issue of Textile View #99 "Reimagine" reports on what is trending at retail in major fashion capitals. It is a go to bible of what to look for when designing A/W 2013-14 inspirations, colors, fabrics, accessories, trimmings and styling for men and women.


In addition, fabric and color forecasts are presented for Spring-Summer 2014 plus a lifestyle prediction of consumer culture to help understand the direction of seasons to come.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Viewpoint # 30: The Money Issue - Exploring the Ways We Will Live

“Is the consumer being fundamentally changed by the financial crisis?” This is one of the many social and cultural areas explored in the current issue of Viewpoint.

 How the consumer views themselves and their public and private persona through social media, employment status and cultural conscience will affect buying behavior.

“ The widening gulf between rich and poor and increasing uncertainty about job security are leading to greater general empathy with the plight of the impoverished and unemployed.”

Manufacturers, inventors, innovators and marketers will develop and present products, services and lifestyle choices based on the new “Hourglass” economy where the middle class is shrinking and low economic classes are getting bigger. This means the wealthy will be able to purchase luxury goods and even medical advances to access experiences such as travel to outer space, pills that make you smarter and scientific advances that help retain youth.

“Bargain hunting used to be niche; now it’s going mainstream, with consumers keen to find discounts and even top-end retailers comfortable with offering them.”

Rich or poor, we are all impacted by social media and a multitude of computer and smartphone screens that are everywhere and affect how we shop, think, interact and how we socialize and behave. People will be looking to rekindle personal relationships rather than acquaintance/friendships on social media. Consumers will be looking for ways to shut out the “noise” from being connected to technology 24/7 or the literal noise we hear from the environment both technological and industrial.

“ Brands that reflect this empathetic social mood by using their resources to do good are reaping benefits in the form of increased consumer approval.” As a result many new business start-ups are creating a synergy between their financial success and simultaneously doing good and giving something back to society as they grow rather than the old model of succeeding first and giving back later.

Furthermore, to succeed, companies will need to have a handle on what events and social influences impact the psychology of the consumer. “The ability to establish what consumers genuinely need and want offers companies a major advantage and socionomics’ date-centric methodology could offer a way to achieve this effectively.”

“Competing brands increasingly resemble each other in their products, design and image, at the cost of the originality and distinction that consumers crave.” Brands will have to determine how to distinguish themselves from competitors. A copycat mentality as a means to capture market share will no longer suffice for brands to succeed. Consumers will be captured by those brands that stay in front of the trends and offer innovative products or services and are the first in their market to do so.

VIEWPOINT is a cultural trend magazine with a global perspective.

Prior Issue: # 29 The Celebrity Issue

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fashion At the Summer Olympics Part III

Land of free, home of beret!

“Our Olympic heroes will be headed off to London this month — looking as if they’re decked out for a Hamptons lawn party. Ralph Lauren yesterday unveiled the preppy parade uniforms that Team USA members will wear at the July 27 opening ceremony, stirring an uproar over pricey duds fit for a regatta. The outfits include blue blazers, cream-colored trousers, white skirts — and berets.”

Last Updated: 9:37 AM, July 11, 2012
Posted: 1:30 AM, July 11, 2012
Olympic uniforms for USA’s preppy squad


Color Portfolio (Thinking In Color) SS 2013

Ralph Lauren does it again: designing uniforms ahead of the trends.In Color Portfolio Spring/Summer 2013 we see Nautical colors with an all American/Preppy sensibility that is the RL signature. Colors are reminiscent of Regattas and long Summer days in spent enjoying a day on the water in Nantucket , a good old American County Fair or a spectacular 4th of July Fireworks display.

Color Portfolio (Thinking In Color)  SS 2013
 There has been some criticism and controversy about the beret as being too “French.” That said, we are seeing a travel influence on the trends for the season with an international/eclectic mix of ethnic mixes influencing the looks and details of fashion. In today’s world, mass communication, aesthetic influences from everywhere, diversity of taste in fashion from every country around the globe, means multicultural fashion is in vogue. Add to this the melting pot that comprises what it is to be from the USA, and it makes sense that  the uniforms for the USA team would also be designed with an international touch.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Textile Report's New Modified and Improved Look

Textile Report's new name is now International Textile Report

The new International Textile Report will now include a specialized and profound analysis of international designer shows from Paris to New York to London and Milan, bringing out the major fashion trends that are crucial to all different stages in the process of creating ready-to-wear collections for women. Included in its new format will be:

• Creation of the most interesting trends of international trade fairs
• New user customized layouts
• Well-structured themes
•  A summary of emerging trends from the major professional trade shows.
•  A colorful layout of visuals.
•  Information that’s precise and exclusive.

. A summary of designer color trends.
. A useful and efficient presentation of the season’s color stories with Pantone references.
. Harmonies to watch out for according to designer influences.
. The key harmonies based on the color story of Première Vision.
. The five main themes for each season.
. The best examples stemming from designer collections.

. 5 major trends and 30 examples to illustrate the evolution of the market.
. A complete vision of fabric trends in each sector of the market.
. The 8 principal mood themes developed by designers.
. A synthesis of all the major influences of the season.

. The most representative outfits of the season: outerwear, dresses, skirts, suits, pants, shirts and knitwear.
. A focus on all the details that update styles.
. A precise research, illustrated and certified by designer collections.
Colors and harmonies are presented in  Pantone Fashion + Home references .
Bilingual: English/French

The new International Textile Report improved and modified due to the requests of its existing customer base. The new name and concept promises to match the needs for the whole international market.

We are so confident that you will like the new International Textile Report that we are offering new subscribers the first copy Free with each new subscription


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fashion At the Summer Olympics Part II

The Olympics is the biggest global sporting event happening every four years. This Summer Olympics scheduled to open July 27th 2012, presenting 26 sports and 10,500 male and female athletes representing nations from every continent all over the globe will be watched by millions of spectators.

We spectators will be looking to the clothing designed for these athletes to inspire our own active and lifestyle wardrobes for up and coming seasons. With all of us crossing over our weekend and office attire, what we see at the Olympic games will be what we will want to wear to play and to work.

Here are some of our favorite events: (you'll want to take special notice about what the athletes are wearing during the games)

The Third Eye S/S 14

Bike: “In this palette, juicy hues of red
and orange are set against a brilliant
aqua, and balanced with neutral greys
in light, dark, and marl.”

The Third Eye S/S 14

Running: “This season, performance enhancement is taken to the next level, with garments and gear that are engineered for all aspects of the training period- from warm-up to recovery.” 

The Third Eye S/S 14

Team Sports (Rugby, Basketball, Soccer): “Nostalgia and heritage influences have recently been hot on
the market, and this season we see the emergence of this trend in active uniforms.”



StyleRight Sport Active S/S 14

Sailing: “ A traditional sailing colour palette creates a truly classic and smart feel, sat alongside a more casual palette with a slight twist to update the established look.”


StyleRight Sport Active S/S 14

Tennis: “… our collection has a real combination of retro and modern, to create this unique crossover, with a play on bright colours that move away from the traditional whites.”

BMX: Color and style for BMX biking, “…features bright primary colors, led by vibrant yellow and a bold blue.” Styling is active with lots of color blocking and graphic details:

ColoRush S/S 14

These and other trendy publications available at: or