Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Color and Trend Forum A/W 13/14: Next Week

Autumn/ Winter 2013/14 Color & Trend Forum to be held June 5th, 2012


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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kidz Trendbook A/W 13-14 - Retro 60s, 70s, Rock n Roll and much more


The new A/W Kidz Trendbook is all about retro 60’s & 70’s trends, Rock & Roll, London influence, luxury, storybook and outdoor silhouettes, graphics and much, much more.

In the A/W 13-14 edition, four umbrella trends are presented each of which have five sub trends interpreted for boys and girls from infants to tween ages:

1)  Let’s Joy has five sub trends: Puzzle Me, Labyrinth, Pop Pets, Overhang, London Girls and Captain Space. Within these sub trends we see geo patterns, looks mixing stripes and prints, contrasting colors mixed with grey and rich darks. There are asymmetrical silhouette ideas and styles with a London influence, Outer space and sports graphics.

2)  Retro Boom the five sub trends are: Old Scraps, Team 53, Sweet Girl, London Cycling, Campus and Retro Soccer. In this trend we see traditional colors like various shades of brown, greys, wine and neutrals. Traditional prints: stripes, plaids, hound’s-tooth, toys, photo-real, Rock & Roll London, and baroque feminine influenced art.

3) Culture Flash presents an eclectic mix of travel art from Asian Himalayas, Japan & China to Scandinavian, North & South American prints, knits and graphics. Lots of ethnic and handmade folksy mixed prints, patchworks, appliques and 60’s inspired trends. In addition this trend has an urban mixed with nature/woods feel. All of the above are in the five subtrends: Kimono Girl, Traveller, Sweet Andes Chica, Wild City Hawk, Urban Knitting and Sir Hillary.

4) Eclectic Club offers five sub trends: Sugar Babe, Cool Riders, Sweet & Nasty, Jumpstreet 84, It’s Magic and Tribal Biker. In these trends we see British Rock, Punk & Glam music, 80’s inspired prints, 70’s biker/motor cross boys graphics. Edgy feminine Gothic influenced art that mix sweet soft colors resulting in cute trendy looks for girls. There are boys skater urban graphics plus Punk Rock trends for boys.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A/W 2013-14 Style Right Baby and Style Right Kids

We are very excited to announce that the new Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Style Right Baby and Style Right Kids books are available. The pages are chock full of wonderful graphics, logos, prints and garment style inspirations; best of all they are on the DVD enclosed in the books.


The Style Right Baby highlights the following themes that they feel strongly represent what will be trending for Autumn/Winter 2013-14 in the baby and toddler markets:

Chelsea refers to the private schools which form a base for this trend with “posh” sports and hobbies being the primary inspiration.

Revel offers a playful palette of zesty brights and sets the mood for this fun and highly commercial trend that kids and parents will find irresistible.

Wildwood leaves the modern technological age behind emphasizing a love of nature and a sense of adventure that is paramount to this theme.

Terra Nomad takes inspiration from a multitude of tribal cultures, from the Incas of Central America to the tribes of Africa. Ethnic prints and graphics mix with a plethora of influences to create an eclectic new take on Ethnic as a trend.

Charm has a sophisticated palette of soft subtle tones that creates a charming base for this ultra girly theme based around the love of dressing up and all things feminine.

Style Right Kids has six important themes that are predicted for the children’s market in Autumn/Winter 2013-14:

Bootleg Brands is influenced by the industrial age, with a look that is very casual and dressed down and includes washed, distressed and vintage looks.

Charleston Club is a nod to the 1920’s. A sprinkling of Art Deco and lots of sparkle combine to bring a vintage seasonal party trend for girls that will shimmer.

Accelerate is about the thrill of the race that encompasses this boys trend with a nostalgic nod to classic vintage cars and racing iconography.

Lux Ski is a skiwear inspired story for girls with a pastel twist that adds newness and updates the look plus other styles and graphics offering bold tones that provide an energetic use of color that give a modern and fresh appeal to this trend.

Terra Nomad takes its inspiration from a multitude of tribal cultures, starting with the Incas of Central America to the tribes of Africa. Ethnic prints and graphics mix with a plethora of influences to create an eclectic new take on Ethnic as a trend for both boys and girls.
Rebellution sees a counter attack on all things fake as celebrity culture takes over society and becomes the role model for the current generation. Youths gather together in protest and in pursuit of finding their own identity in todays’ world. A feeling of unrest and social anxiety are reflected in the graphic messages and colors for this boys theme.               More Inside Pages

Both Style Right Baby and Style Right Kids include black & white flats for all of the styles which are available on the DVD along with all of the graphics, logos and prints in layers and vector images for PC and MAC. In addition the colors predicted on the seasonal palette for Autumn/Winter 2013-14 are presented on actual Pantone Textile Swatches.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

OPR to Appear at Surtex May 20-22, 2012

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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Pantone Inspires Designers with 336 New Shades

Pantone is pleased to announce the addition of 336 new solid colors to the PANTONE PLUS SERIES for multimedia graphics

On April 23, 2012, Pantone will expand the solid color selections in our graphics library from 1,341 to 1,677. This addition of 336 additional color choices is a significant advancement for the PANTONE PLUS SERIES which was last upgraded in May 2010 with new colors and features.

 Pantone’s first color specifying and matching standard system, created in 1963. Today’s PLUS SERIES incorporates nearly 50 years of color knowledge gained through continual engagement with the graphic arts community and continuous research into color creation and reproduction systems. The PLUS SERIES remains our core product line for the graphic arts markets and will evolve along with emerging market trends, customer preferences and color reproduction technologies.

This new color range extension represents our commitment to placing vital color inspiration and innovation into the hands of creatives and color professionals in every discipline.

The new colors are significant additions to all major color families within the PANTONE PLUS SERIES Color library; additions include a range of verdant greens, rich blues, rich purples, vibrant yellows and oranges, and a group of high-trending neutrals.
These new color additions have been inspired by the PANTONE Goe™ System and include colors that didn’t exist in the PANTONE PLUS SERIES, adding depth and breadth to the graphics color library and many more creative choices.

The 336 new solid colors will be included in the following publications, as well as in bundles and sets that include these publications: FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated & Solid Uncoated; SOLID CHIPS Coated & Uncoated; PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE® Coated and Uncoated; and DESIGNER FIELD GUIDE Coated and Uncoated.

Upon release, the additional colors will be available as supplements for a limited time of 60 to 90 days; owners of previous publications can easily update by purchasing these separate supplemental products. Also, upon release of the additional colors, all new orders for core publications (FORMULA GUIDE, COLOR BRIDGE, etc.) will automatically include the new color supplements.



Fan guide supplements for the PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE will consist of a single 96-page bound guide containing both coated and uncoated stocks. Fan guide supplements for COLOR BRIDGE will consist of two 48-page guides, one containing coated stock and one containing uncoated stock. Chip book supplements will consist of 48 pages for each stock that can be added to existing binders.

As with existing PLUS SERIES Colors, digital data for the new colors will be available, and the digital colors will be included in PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software, CAPSURE®, myPANTONE and X-Ref. Owners of these products will receive automatic updates.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Close-Up Interior to be Published in Two Versions

Close-Up Interiors is making a slight change. It will now be published in two versions:

CLOSE-UP INTERIORS Home Textile will be published in 2 issues (May and December) with previews of trends of the future season presented by atmosphere, color range, styles, materials and design graphics for the world of interior decoration.

A special section will be devoted to the world of fashion trends. On several pages a gallery of images, divided by categories of product and collected from the most important major fairs will be presented. Exhibitions included are: Heimtextil, Maison&Objet, IMM Cologne, Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone of Milan, Proposte, MOOD Brussels, Le Cuir à Paris, 100% Design and Linea Pelle. Learn More

The two other issues of Close-up Interiors will be replaced with a title dedicated to fashion textiles and accessories, scheduled to be published in October and March.

                     (Further details about this new title will be posted as soon as they are available.)