Monday, December 10, 2012

Spring/Summer 2014 Color & Trend

                                                             AMERICAN TOURIST  
                             The overall theme for Spring/Summer 2014 continues to be
                             travel. Vacation friendly sportswear is highlighted  this season.
                             Classic beachwear looks emerge such as board shorts, printed
                             cabana shirts and sarong skirts. Utilitarian and Safari trends
                             continue. Africa, Latin America and tropical islands are also a
                             source of inspiration for prints and patterns. Fabrics are light in
                             weight focusing on cotton, cotton/nylon and linen blends.
                             Silhouettes are slightly roomy and comfortable. Colors are
                             bright yet slightly sun-drenched or faded by the sun. Key
                             prints and patterns focus on tropical floral prints, jungle foli-
                             age and novelty vacation conversation prints.
                            This trend focuses on the person who loves to be near the
                            water for their vacation. The theme is tilted toward coastal
                            towns, sailing, fishing and water sports. Dockside can be
                            slightly preppy or nautical inspired. Work wear details, utility
                            pockets and Naval influences emerge. Waterproof and
                            weatherproof and wrinkle-resistant fabrics move to the fore-
                            front. The windbreaker category and rainwear is up-trending
                            in outerwear. A color palette consisting of shades of blue is
                            key, mixing with linen white and khaki. Whitened bright colors
                            have a slight wash to the hue and add pop to the basic color
                            palette. Key patterns are Madras plaids and bold stripes.

                                                          SPORTY DIVERSION
                             An athletic pulse reverberates for this season, displaying
                             sporty silhouettes for the consumer who focuses on an
                             active lifestyle, even while on vacation. This is a sports
                             illustrated trend focusing on working out, baseball, running,
                             swimming and golf. There is a head-to-toe monochromatic
                             look which creates a clean, sophisticated attitude but there
                             is also a colorful, sporty look highlighted by bold color.
                             Silhouettes feature athletic details, and a voluminous and
                             fuller appearance emerges. Sporty stripes and color block
                             patterns are key elements.

 By Color Portfolio

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