Monday, April 30, 2012

Color Portfolio Autumn/Winter 2013/14

Fall/Winter 2013/14 Color Theme: Harvest Past and Reworked Classics

According to Carol Meek, Publisher of Color Portfolio, the key phrase of the season is “Harvested Past and Reworked Classics.” Color for Fall/Winter 2013-14 is being influenced by the Countryside, Vintage and Traditional themes.

The new fall/winter season continues to be influenced by nature, so color is natural without artificial casts. Color also has vintage tones that while slightly worn or washed, still hold a lot of saturation. Traditional shades are still continuing this season; while the trends are still Classic they are being re-worked into exciting new color stories.

Just like the trends, color is re-interpreted to look new and inspiring with interesting and creative color combinations. The natural brown story continues from Spring/Summer 2013 into Autumn/Winter 2013-14. Grey tones add a touch of rugged elegance and are similar to mechanical greys. The Browns are very strong and work well when mixing them with spicy tones and deep wine/berry shades. Blue/Greens look appealing this year as well, especially when shown in combination with traditional greens.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Collezioni Donna Pret-a-Porter Paris 153 is about to be published!

Collezioni Donna presents an original editorial formula for an exciting fashion season: Autumn/Winter 2012/13.

As in the previous issue three sections are dedicated to transmitting the spirit of the times and describing what fashion designers feel is hanging in the air.

Kicking off with trends which, laying aside the various themes unfailingly interpreted in a new way from one season to the next, are packed with emotion.

Collezioni Donna no longer constructs its trends according to the fashion week logic, like Paris and London, but analyses both capitals, studying the proposals presented during the fashion week to confirm just how far they have travelled.

Continuing with the "SPOTLIGHT ON" section entirely dedicated to specific collections for easy reading of individual shows, in depth examinations, a pause to reflect on that seen on the catwalks. The LOOKBOOK sections have developed into a unique container, to complete and complement the shows, by offering information on several intriguing brands and open to anyone looking to promote his/her production. Last but not least, a special report on Furs and Northern Europe fashion.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Collezioni Accessori # 68: New Graphics and Trends

Collezioni Accessori # 68 showcases monographs of the most successful fashion accessory designers currently active in the leading international markets of New York, London, Milan and Paris; all gathered together in a dedicated report with new graphics for quick and easy consultation.

Collezion Accessori NO. 68

The graphics in the new trends section now tie into the mood themes from the runways, thereby becoming a working tool that forecasts the most up-to-date accessory trends

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Collezioni Sport&Street 64 has just been published!

Check out our new issue: Collezioni Sport&Street 64  has just been published!
(DARE TO) BE A STAR?  A full colour winter packed with sensuality in unadulterated Fifties style for the "street fashion" crowd: dainty body hugging dresses, far-fetched Latex detailing, plunging Dita Von Teese necklines, a "politically incorrect" femininity set to test even the most self-centred masculine public. But rather than hanging around, gentlemen, or better, "adultescents" of all ages hit back to the tune of a "brutal" post punk style.

But… what about everyone else? Lovers of simple casualwear, made to the highest standards, will find plenty of ideas, as well as tech-stylistic products designed to transform even the most comfortable getup into a "cool" outfit. ‘Crossover’ is the new keyword, a leitmotiv for uniting military with workwear, sartorial with sportswear.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Indigo New York: April 10 - 11, 2012

Indigo: Design Your World

(formerly DIRECTION)

International Exhibition of Creative Textile Design

Spring/Summer 2013 Season

April 10 & 11, 2012

The Metropolitan Pavilion

128 18th Street, New York, NY 10011

OPR: Booth # B5

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

PRINTSOURCE: The World of Textile and Surface Design


The Premier Market for Surface & Textile Design in the U.S.A.

April 10 + 11, 2012

Summer 2013 Collections

7W 34 ST at 5th Avenue

Booth G15 & 17

Monday, April 9, 2012

Having a Shot at Celebrity

Viewpoint #29 The Celebrity issue: “Celebrity-depending on your viewpoint-enhances or diminishes contemporary culture. It shows little sign of fading-but it is evolving in scale, purpose and nature. What is fame today? And how might it change?”

“ The first principle of contemporary celebrity is revelation and for the consumer to discover the supposed private self behind the public self. Modern television and the internet mean that anyone today can have a shot at celebrity.”

There are celebrities that we admire for their talents, and those that are famous for just being famous alone. At one time celebrities were looked up to model our own lives, a paradigm that is no longer valid. The internet and social media has enabled the individual to be a celebrity of sorts in their own network of contacts giving us a platform to be heard as never before, promoting a sort of celebrity self.

Viewpoint #29 explores the various types of fame and what each means: “The Social Celebrity, The Serious Celebrity, The Self-made Celebrity, The Local Celebrity, The Branded Celebrity, The Virtual Celebrity, Celebrity Brands & Products.” A most enlightening read.

Look for the latest Viewpoint and many other fine publications at the next INDIGO and PRINTSOURCE fairs or at 247 West 38th Street/ 12th floor, New York NY 10018

Thursday, April 5, 2012

OPR's Spring/Summer 2013 Color & Trend Overview

Important Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

WORLD WIDE is an eclectic collection of a varied Globe-Hopping destination & travel influences: Travel wardrobes mix classic explorer, work wear & career apparel styles in natural tans & grays. International graphic & athletic brights are added to create a sporty edge to travel wear. Asian design elements in rice paddy tones are flavored with curry & ginger shades, while dark African primitive looks are embellished with exotic jeweled tones & decorations from India.

SPORTS STYLE is inspired by the wonderful worlds of Anglo-American sports from active, performance & country club sports to regatta & water sports. Color, fabric, styles & treatments cross-over from sport to sportswear & vice versa then are mixed & clashed to create new iconic lifestyle looks.

LIGHTEN-UP offers a nonchalant variety of paler color, lighter fabric & relaxed styles.  Newest are whole palette of colored whites & sun-bleached clear & transparent lights which are strong enough to make their own statement against pure white in solids to sheers for casual and career looks. We also see sun baked mid-tone bright & neutrals in faded & shadowy light print, pattern & new looking retro seaside & country resort sportswear styles.

CELEBRATE is a multi-global gathering & mix of an entire spectrum of brilliant & fun colors from different sources: tropical fruits to exploding fireworks; electro-neons to exotic jewels. This spontaneous & carefree story is a new & exciting fashion adventure for all Spring/Summer 2013 markets & categories from casual to business & sport to street.