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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Textile View #109

There is something of a revolution going on in fashion. Consumers, suffering from label fatigue, are turning to the new and the small, rather than the big and the established. They are tired of having to be different from everyone else in order to achieve recognition. Therefore, they strive for anonymity.

Photo Courtesy of Textile View
Such is the basis for “normcore,” which is generally defined as “a unisex fashion trend characterized by unpretentious, average-looking clothing.” Normcore is now the counterpoint of fashion; it goes against everything that the luxury world stands for. The megatrend of athleisurewear falls perfectly in line with normcore.

This shift in the way consumers view what is most worthy and most desirable in fashion is directly correlated with a broader shift in the new generation’s perspective on consumerism. Generation Y places a higher value on pleasure than on possession of materialistic things. They are nonconformist consumers and are skeptical about branding and authority. Their purchasing decisions are also influenced by the fact that they must think twice before spending their money on luxury merchandise.
The question now is whether this is a trend that will come to pass, or whether this is a lasting shift in consumer mentality to embrace a less materialistic lifestyle. It could be that normcore is simply a detox from the overwhelming amount of choice consumers face today, or it could be the start of a major change in the way we think about fashion. There is also the question of what this means for luxury brands. Are their established roots of heritage and sustainability enough to win the hearts of Generation Y? Is there still a place for mega brands in the future, or is normcore the new normal?

Read more about the implications of normcore in Textile View #109 Fall/Winter 2016/17.

Photo Courtesy of Textile View

Viewpoint - Transdisciplinary Design

Photo Courtesy of Viewpoint
In our changing world it is increasingly important to be synergistic. In the past, it was enough to stay in one’s own field of work. Now, however, more and more designers, academics, engineers, scientists and other professionals are embracing multidisciplinary routes in order to put forth ideas and work toward a common goal. Combining both critical and creative thinking is a necessity in order for new generations of professionals to succeed in our complex new world.

Transdisciplinary design encourages professionals to work together and collaborate on projects. Designers must now communicate with engineers and scientists like never before in order to face global societal, environmental and economic problems. This means there must be a radical upheaval of traditional methods of working, thinking, and designing.

It also means the scope of what we are capable of is much greater than we could have previously imagined. Sharing skills across fields radically different from one another can only result in innovative solutions to the problems we face today.

Read about the newest and most innovative transdisciplinary collaborations in Viewpoint - Transdisciplinary Design.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Spring/Summer 2016 Color Trends

Sweet Treats  

                                                    Photo Courtesy of Color Portfolio

Everyone is playing “Candy Crush” and it is no wonder that the sugary pastels in this theme are

finding their way into the fashion scene. Candy, cupcake, ice-cream and icing inspired pastels

work into mid-tone brights and pastels. We see lots of traditional pinks, greens and levels of

the same color together in a palette. Whites are key this season from bright whites to creamy

whites; they look fresh and new when teamed with these sugary pastels.

South of the Border 

                                                  Photo Courtesy of Color Portfolio

In this trend, we see palettes that bring to mind rich primary colors used in Guatemalan, Honduran, Mexican, etc.

Native textiles. The colors are rich in hue and bring an excitement to this story. These vibrant shades also remind

us of traditional performance sport colors: red, yellow, blue and green. Adding white and/or black brings energy

and contrast to this palette to create an athletic look.

Yacht Club 

                                              Photo Courtesy of Colorush & Tumblr.com

This Spring/Summer we are focusing on simple, clean colors and fabrics. Palettes emphasize neutrals ranging

from taupe, khaki, bright and/or creamy white which are then combined with traditional navy, black or green.

Together, these colors create an updated maritime look, a country club, varsity or collegiate story.

Retro Seaside 

                                              Photo Courtesy of Readymade Studio

During Spring/Summer we take on a vacation state of mind, thinking about sun filled times and days spent at the

beach. Colors in this trend are sun bleached and /or water washed. There is an abundance of nature inspired

sandy khakis, driftwood greys, sage & dune grass greens, indigo blues, salmon, coral, sunkist yellow and creamy white

that create a nostalgic seaside palette.

New Autumn/Winter 15-16 Trends

Sport Dynamo

                                                             Courtesy of Colorush

Brights dominate the palette in sporty and preppy trends and color combinations.

Tonal colors are key and multi-levels of the same colors in a palette abound this season.

Look for lots of colorful knits and Fair Isle in appealing bright colors.


                                             Courtesy of Color Portfolio Essence of Color

In Autumn, nature moves toward becoming dormant. Color begins to fade, so this

season we see mineral shades, new autumnal colors and contrasting very blackened darks.

Textures imitate nature from frosted, shiny or mirrored to dark, volcanic, ashen or furry.


                                                           Courtesy of Readymade

This trend is all about neutrals from whites, lights and creamy colors to mid-tone

greys into deep darks & browns that are more gold casted. We see monochromatic textured

surfaces, mini & maxi patterns with embellishments that may become the pattern.


                                                 Courtesy of Pantone View Colour Planner

A/W 15-16 returns to jeweled-toned colors and shiny surfaces. Gold is a key accent, Oranges mix

with Teals. Green is important ranging from Emeralds & Jades to Olives. Purples & Berries are gem inspired.

Everything is very decorative, patterns are rich and prints, patterns & fabrics are ornately embellished.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spring/Summer 2015 Trends



As technology progresses, sometimes stepping back and assessing the wonders of biology and nature brings on great inspiration. Molecular forms dictate the aesthetic for print and pattern,while the colors, although found in nature, are saturated and rich. Ocean life, rock formations, cellular images and botanicals converge to create a diverse melange of styles.



We live in a world connected by technology, and as we advance into an even more tech-centric future, style will reflect the times. For Spring ‘15, this means hyper-saturated colors one may see in metro centers, dimensional silhouettes, digital iconography and an influx of geometric and laser-cut patterns. As an homage to the technology of yesteryear, vintage Sci-Fi inspiration will also be incorporated into this bold, eccentric trend.



For this trend, the retro influence is unmistakable, but quite updated. Predominately influenced colors and prints reminiscent of the 1950’s, there are also elements of hand-painting, expressive graphics and Pop Art references. Products feature slogans and tongue-in-cheek illustrations, with colors that are a bit more amped up than your usual 50’s and 60’s palettes. Bold, fun and full of good humor!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Color Portfolio Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Color Forecast


This season, preppy styling goes in an urban direction. We see a palette that is reminiscent of a traditional Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger color story with a dressier urban flavor. Argyles have transformed into graphic geometrics, while heavy tartans get a breezier, more updated feeling on lightweight fabrics. The colors for Autumn/Winter 2014-15 are similarly shifting to this metro feel, with a more primary and traditional stadium palette. Bold shades of mustard, hunter green and orange are balanced by sumptuous midnight blues reminiscent of the sky brightened at night by sleepless city lights.


Autumn/Winter 2014-15 offers a definite  distinction between the colors for Winter versus Fall where we see a rich tradition of autumnal hues. Colors of red and brown casted oranges, purples and neutrals abound offering a warm Autumn color story. In addition, the array of blues featured in this story range from red casted to green/blues plus blue casted and yellow casted greens, mimicking the wild foliage of the woods. Renaissance inspired still-lifes of fruit and foliage typify the colors of this story, with a chiaroscuro effect showing the deep darks of the Winter palette. Mixing and matching plays a key role in apparel styling, with funky appliques, chunky knits and plaid-on-plaid key prints and patterns. "Nature Inspired" gives one the sensation of a country retreat.


Incorporating various styles and sources into a modern collection is the basis for "Vintage Vibe". Elements from a variety of historical fashions are injected into garments and paired with a muted and jewel toned palette. Colors are dusty with gray undertones and a softened effect that give garments the impression of vintage treasures. We continue to see Baroque inspired ornamental patterns, like damask, wallpaper and needlepoint florals, paired with hand manipulated decorative techniques that echo the traditions of yore. Injecting mandarin orange and deep mint into the mix gives this story an updated twist.

Concept boards provided by Color Portfolio Inc. To schedule a presentation of entire color range, please contact us.