Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Autumn/Winter 2013/14 Overview

DARK VICTORIES makes black & gray look new for A/W 13-14 by drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of iconic dark & historically classic trends: Gothic, Victorian, Edwardian & Art Deco styles. DARK VICTORIES remixes fabric, pattern, decoration & styles from each look in new & unanticipated combinations. This trend also offers a fashion alternative to this season’s black/gray story by presenting a palette of dusk to dawn nocturnal blues, focusing on the deep, dark, midnight shades. Ready Made Colour A/W 13/14

PRECIOUS MEMORIES is a totally romantic vintage theme inspired by beguiling old fashion, turn of the last century’s Anglo-American styles. The colors are an androgynous, nostalgic range of faded rosy & powdery cosmetic tones that translate equally well for her & him in contemporary monochromatic & non-matching tailored & sportswear looks. PRECIOUS MEMORIES mixes vintage print/ pattern & trade union inspired graphics with distressed fabric for a dress-down, working class look for casual & jeans wear. Pantone View Colour Planner A/W 13/14. Ready Made Colour A/W 13/14

RICH FOLK is a heterogeneous mix of elegant to na├»ve folklore drawn from: Chinese, Japanese, Venetian, Byzantine, Ottoman & American Native origin. Colors are a conglomeration of brilliant & opulent folk jewel tones which crossover from elaborately embellished peasant & ethno looks to the season’s new tailored, knit & sportswear. RICH FOLK features a collage of folk print/pattern inspiration from Gypsy to Islamic & Chinese to Japanese with American Native motif & symbols rounding off the look in graphic, knit, woven & print styles. Ready Made Colour A/W 13/14. Color Portfolio Golf A/W 2013/14

STORMY WEATHER replaces the last few seasons’ grey stories with the introduction of an important, powerful forecast of blustery cloudy grays, stormy sky shades & weather stained mid-tones for all markets. Drawn, painted & photo-real print, pattern & graphics simulate & are influenced by turbulent weather conditions.  This is all counter-balanced with STORMY WEATHER'S strong earthy browns, fern, moss & spruce greens in a mix of field & stream with military looks. Denim & clothing styles feature faded & worn, smudged & stained, abraded & distressed finishes, techniques & details. Ready Made Colour A/W 13/14

BRIGHT FUTURES explores the new worlds of color & design through the benefit & help of today’s science & tomorrow’s technology. Microscopic & x-rayed searches uncover & identify spectrums of solarized to polarized colors that become this season’s new neons. These exciting, techno, supernatural hues are popping up in all markets & categories for both him & her. BRIGHT FUTURES’ print/pattern experiments with photo-sensitive techniques from psychedelic to photogram, hologram & 3D effects. Styles are minimal but decorated & materials incorporate plastic, lacquered, metallic & reflective finishes that cross-over from apparel to active sport. Ready Made Colour A/W 13/14. Color Portfolio On The Edge A/W 13/14

TREASURED HEIRLOOMS’ rich archival dark shades dress-up & update luxury & plush classic looks from tailored & casual to athletic sport style. Dark on dark color blocking, fabric mixing & paneling are re-surfacing in all categories, markets & age ranges. TREASURED HEIRLOOMS uses this season’s elegant deep shades in tone on tone print, wovens & jacquards to create vague, shadowy & elusive patterns. Traditional lux darks look younger & sporty when combined in non-matching layering, piecing, print & pattern. Color Portfolio Essence of Color A/W 13/14


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