Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fashion At the Summer Olympics Part II

The Olympics is the biggest global sporting event happening every four years. This Summer Olympics scheduled to open July 27th 2012, presenting 26 sports and 10,500 male and female athletes representing nations from every continent all over the globe will be watched by millions of spectators.

We spectators will be looking to the clothing designed for these athletes to inspire our own active and lifestyle wardrobes for up and coming seasons. With all of us crossing over our weekend and office attire, what we see at the Olympic games will be what we will want to wear to play and to work.

Here are some of our favorite events: (you'll want to take special notice about what the athletes are wearing during the games)

The Third Eye S/S 14

Bike: “In this palette, juicy hues of red
and orange are set against a brilliant
aqua, and balanced with neutral greys
in light, dark, and marl.”

The Third Eye S/S 14

Running: “This season, performance enhancement is taken to the next level, with garments and gear that are engineered for all aspects of the training period- from warm-up to recovery.” 

The Third Eye S/S 14

Team Sports (Rugby, Basketball, Soccer): “Nostalgia and heritage influences have recently been hot on
the market, and this season we see the emergence of this trend in active uniforms.”



StyleRight Sport Active S/S 14

Sailing: “ A traditional sailing colour palette creates a truly classic and smart feel, sat alongside a more casual palette with a slight twist to update the established look.”


StyleRight Sport Active S/S 14

Tennis: “… our collection has a real combination of retro and modern, to create this unique crossover, with a play on bright colours that move away from the traditional whites.”

BMX: Color and style for BMX biking, “…features bright primary colors, led by vibrant yellow and a bold blue.” Styling is active with lots of color blocking and graphic details:

ColoRush S/S 14

These and other trendy publications available at: or

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fashion at the Summer Olympics Part I

As the Summer Olympics are approaching, all the fashionistas are focusing in on Summer styles that have a sporty UK influence. The colors and trends we are seeing in the market are definitely influenced by this most important event that gives all of the famous sport brands a chance to show off their newest and best styles, colors, prints, graphics and silhouettes.

With events like sailing, swimming, diving, track & field, tennis, volleyball, cycling, motocross, board sports, boxing, gymnastics and more, this is a great Summer for designers all around the globe to debut new looks and exciting colors for the athletes to wear participating in these events.

One of the six color palettes in Touch Concept features “strong saturated slightly darkened primary colors with a sense of history, also beautiful when washed and worn, inspired by vintage sport images:

In Trendsetter Men we find graphic inspiration for Nautical, Team & Extreme Sports, Water Beach, Motocross and more to inspire looks that athletes can wear in some of the new techno fabrics detailed in Touch Concept. Alaska Ranger offers retro logos and distressed images evoking images of the rugged outdoors, wildlife and trekking:

Trendsetter Women offers graphics for females that cover Team & Extreme Sports, Outdoors, Nautical looks and more. The Nautical graphics have a classic country club attitude reminiscent of Monte Carlo Regattas and luxury Yacht clubs:

We all like to watch Volleyball at the Olympics routing for our favorite gals & guys running and dodging in the sand to return those spike shots and lob them over the net in great looking swim trunks for men.....

......and sexy, colorful trendy bikinis such as those donned by the female athletes images from Close-Up Womens Lingerie & Beachwear:

For more information on the latest Colors & Trends please visit

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Autumn/Winter 2013/14 Overview

DARK VICTORIES makes black & gray look new for A/W 13-14 by drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of iconic dark & historically classic trends: Gothic, Victorian, Edwardian & Art Deco styles. DARK VICTORIES remixes fabric, pattern, decoration & styles from each look in new & unanticipated combinations. This trend also offers a fashion alternative to this season’s black/gray story by presenting a palette of dusk to dawn nocturnal blues, focusing on the deep, dark, midnight shades. Ready Made Colour A/W 13/14

PRECIOUS MEMORIES is a totally romantic vintage theme inspired by beguiling old fashion, turn of the last century’s Anglo-American styles. The colors are an androgynous, nostalgic range of faded rosy & powdery cosmetic tones that translate equally well for her & him in contemporary monochromatic & non-matching tailored & sportswear looks. PRECIOUS MEMORIES mixes vintage print/ pattern & trade union inspired graphics with distressed fabric for a dress-down, working class look for casual & jeans wear. Pantone View Colour Planner A/W 13/14. Ready Made Colour A/W 13/14

RICH FOLK is a heterogeneous mix of elegant to na├»ve folklore drawn from: Chinese, Japanese, Venetian, Byzantine, Ottoman & American Native origin. Colors are a conglomeration of brilliant & opulent folk jewel tones which crossover from elaborately embellished peasant & ethno looks to the season’s new tailored, knit & sportswear. RICH FOLK features a collage of folk print/pattern inspiration from Gypsy to Islamic & Chinese to Japanese with American Native motif & symbols rounding off the look in graphic, knit, woven & print styles. Ready Made Colour A/W 13/14. Color Portfolio Golf A/W 2013/14

STORMY WEATHER replaces the last few seasons’ grey stories with the introduction of an important, powerful forecast of blustery cloudy grays, stormy sky shades & weather stained mid-tones for all markets. Drawn, painted & photo-real print, pattern & graphics simulate & are influenced by turbulent weather conditions.  This is all counter-balanced with STORMY WEATHER'S strong earthy browns, fern, moss & spruce greens in a mix of field & stream with military looks. Denim & clothing styles feature faded & worn, smudged & stained, abraded & distressed finishes, techniques & details. Ready Made Colour A/W 13/14

BRIGHT FUTURES explores the new worlds of color & design through the benefit & help of today’s science & tomorrow’s technology. Microscopic & x-rayed searches uncover & identify spectrums of solarized to polarized colors that become this season’s new neons. These exciting, techno, supernatural hues are popping up in all markets & categories for both him & her. BRIGHT FUTURES’ print/pattern experiments with photo-sensitive techniques from psychedelic to photogram, hologram & 3D effects. Styles are minimal but decorated & materials incorporate plastic, lacquered, metallic & reflective finishes that cross-over from apparel to active sport. Ready Made Colour A/W 13/14. Color Portfolio On The Edge A/W 13/14

TREASURED HEIRLOOMS’ rich archival dark shades dress-up & update luxury & plush classic looks from tailored & casual to athletic sport style. Dark on dark color blocking, fabric mixing & paneling are re-surfacing in all categories, markets & age ranges. TREASURED HEIRLOOMS uses this season’s elegant deep shades in tone on tone print, wovens & jacquards to create vague, shadowy & elusive patterns. Traditional lux darks look younger & sporty when combined in non-matching layering, piecing, print & pattern. Color Portfolio Essence of Color A/W 13/14 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fashion Rebellion for A/W 2013/14

“May you live in interesting times” is an oft repeated proverb attributed to the Chinese but never actually authenticated as such. One thing is for sure, we are experiencing “interesting times” on a global level from the Middle East to Europe, Africa and North & South America and beyond. Society everywhere is expressing upheaval making our day and age an interesting one.

Rebellion is trending throughout the world. We see the overthrow of governments in the Middle East, Occupy Wall Street and The Tea Party Movements in the USA. It is not a surprise that this is reflected in the fashion colors we see trending for A/W 13-14 as well as the clothing styles that are a throwback to the rebellious decades of the sixties, seventies and eighties. Colors and trends are reprised with updated fabrics, textures, finishes and details.

In the Readymade Colour forecast A/W 13-14 one of the main trends is “Jagger. ” Readymade is predicting “flamboyant colors combined with dignified neutrals; rebellion versus tradition, artificial colors versus natural tones. Apparent opposites crash into one another at full speed. This mixture provides excitement and reflects the vitality that we would all like to retain.” Color is a way to express being unconventional and dancing to your own drummer and in so doing, being authentic in your rebellion.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

NEW Materials and Color Forecast for S/S 2014

Touch Concept offers a unique approach to collection planning for Active Sports!

Touch Concept offers all design elements including relevant components, to plan the season from color to materials & details. It showcases the color, graphics, materials (with lots of samples and sourcing) and conceptual trends which can be  combined in multiple ways.

Section One: Colors

- 6 color themes with 8 colors + 1-2 accent colors each, codified according to the Pantone® Fashion + Home and Scotdic systems
- inspirational double page for each theme with many photos and illustrations
- each theme shows one double page with feminine and one with more masculine color palettes
- lots of accessories, embroidery, print and workmanship samples
- general color card with all 50 trend colors, removable colors swatches for individual use
- 4 swap & mix pages to show more combination possibilities for the 50 colors
- color mix chart of RGB and CMYK values
- all colors available on Adobe® Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign and Freehand files offered by email request at no extra charge

Section Two: Materials

- 6 double pages of innovative material developments including article numbers and sourcing details

Section Three: Concepts

- 20 brand new functional fabric concepts, showcased by garment designs and original fabric swatches with technical data and supplier contacts
- added support available for fabric concepts upon request

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fall/Winter 2013/14 Color and Trend Overview

General Overview

Designers are still erring on the side of caution. Overall looks are a blend of country and city looks with a touch of vintage executed in modern ways. American sportswear has a casual richness this season. Layering is important, making knits, sweaters, and outerwear key categories. For both Men and Women, outerwear is being shown with everything and is the must have item of the season regardless of fabric or weight.  Familiar silhouettes are made modern through fabric, color, and use of texture. Athletic details and styles mix into casual fall styles.  Military influences continue.  The preppy look continues as well but it is subtle because it is mixed with the other trends so it does not stand out.


Fabric Matters This Season

Fabrication is being emphasized this season. It is being used as a tool to create or enhance a trend.  Boucle, Tweed, sponge-like fabrics, wools, and shabby fabrics create a vintage, retro look. Corduroy returns in a 8,12, and 14 wale as well as un-cut corduroy.  Strenuous washes create a vintage look. Leather and Suede are key looks as well as PVC and mirco-fiber, for a faux look.  Suede like finishes emerge on shirts, slacks, and jackets.  Brushed surfaces also appear creating a warm cozy look.  Texture is featured in the both knit and sweater category.  Trends that feature outdoor, rugged wear, or vintage aspects tend to feature more texture. Cables, larger gauges in sweaters and ribs are key for sweaters.  In Knits, thermal, waffle, heather yarns, drop needle, flat back ribs, and rib textures are key. Quilted fabrics are featured in outerwear and in bottoms. Hairy yarns and eyelash fabrics emerge in Woman’s. Velvet and metallic fabrics bring the holiday glitz look.  Heavy ornamentation and decoration emerges.  Iridescent, Jacquards, and black fill fabrics are key.
This season fabric mixing is very important especially for outerwear, shirts, and rugged outdoor bottoms.  Color blocking continues from Spring/Summer into Fall/Winter, and can be done by colors or through fabrication.  Borders appear again this season and are featured on knit tops, sweaters, and outerwear.

Color Direction

Color creates newness in fabrications and in silhouettes. There are eight key color groups:

  1. Technicolor Fall- Bright shades of Natural Neon colors. Used to update classic patterns, or classic fabrics. Perfect for accessories, outerwear, and sweaters.
2. Shabby Shades- Vintage or antiques shades featuring off white, taupe, soft grays against chalk like pastels.
3. Natural Tones- Earthy Browns featuring khaki, camel, brown, and red cast browns.
4. Blue Gems- Gem inspired blues, sapphire blue, royal, purple cast blues and navy.
5. Organic Fall- Natural greens, such as hunter, forest, olive, and yellow cast greens mix with teal and peacock blue.
6. Autumn Hues- Traditional fall color palette featuring spice and pumpkin oranges, rust and copper, brick red and mustard gold.
7. Berry Crush- Berry and Purple blend. Vintage purples, oxblood, wine, and berry pinks.
8. Metallic Status- Metallic shades will be key, traditional Gold, Copper, and Silver. Pink, Aqua, Blue, Purple and multi color metallic colors are important.


There are five key trends this season.
1. Man Power
2. Downton Abbey
3. Urban Explorers
4. Armed Forces
5. Renaissance Revival\


Man Power

The alpha male returns as well as the professional woman.  Richness and polished looks that have been missing in apparel appears for Fall 2013.  There is a gentle restraint in the silhouettes along with an attitude of getting down to business mood returns along with the power suit and career separates.  Menswear patterns and geometrics are key. Key base colors are Black, Navy, Gray, Blues, Oxblood and use of tonal colors. For pop add bright colors against the Gray and Black







Downton Abbey

The Down Town Abbey trend plays strongly on English Heritage with inspiration on the Highland Countryside.  In Women’s it takes on a bit more country vintage appearance. In Men’s it features a vintage, English countryside look, with a touch of preppy details.  The focus is on shabby fabrics, wool, boucle, tweed, Shetland wools, and cashmere.  Patterns emphasize the old world feel of Tartan plaids, natty patterns, and English patterns.  Heather yarns return to knits and woven fabrics.  Flannel finishes, brushed surfaces are key.  Vintage washes help to create a shabby look to the fabrics.  Vintage is a recurring theme.  The overall color palette features Browns and Neutrals along with a traditional palette of Hunter Green, Red, Navy, and Mustard.  Key patterns are plaids, tartan plaids, window pane plaids and argyles.  Crests are used for embroideries and screen prints.




Urban Explorer

Urban Explorer is a rugged, casual trend for apparel. It features artic winter looks as well as rugged outdoor looks.  The artic winter theme features silhouettes inspired by ski apparel in the 1930’s, Fair Isle patterns, quilted fabrics, and puffer coats are key issues. Fabrics are warm and cozy to protect from the elements. Rugged outdoor apparel features hunting inspired plaids, flannel fabrics, vintage washes, corduroy, and denim are key. Thermal textures and ribs are key in knitwear.  Heavy gauges are used in sweaters as well as cables.  Suede and suede like fabrics emerge as well as suede finishes on knits and woven fabrics.  Key colors for this trend features an autumn palette of Brick Reds, Rusts, Orange, Mustard, and Olive mixing with Earthy Browns, for an outdoor, rugged look. The color palette for the artic winter look is Winter White, Gray, Earthy Browns, teamed with icy or vintage soft tones



Armed Forces

Military and Work Wear influences continue this year, looks include epaulets, utility pockets, metal buttons, and color blocking.  Utility details feature enlarged pockets, work wear inspired fabrics like Cavalry Twills, Wools, and Canvas.  Tougher looks also emerge featuring leather as a key fabrication.  The biker jacket returns and padded or quilted motorcycle pants are key.  Fabric mixing is key, in women’s with delicate fabrics mixing with leather create a pretty yet powerful look.  The key colors for this trend are Army Green, Work Wear Blues, Navy, Khaki, Camel, and Gray.  Denim is also a key fabrication.







Renaissance Revival

Renaissance Revival features a revisit to Baroque decorations, and elaborate ornamentation and rich fabrics.  This is an ideal look for holiday.  Key fabrics are Velvet, Velour, Lace, Tapestry, Metallic Fabrics, Iridescent, Black Fill fabrics, and Satin or shine fabrics.  Colors are dark and rich working back to black. Tapestry, Stain Glass Window prints, Paisley, Jacquard patterns are key.

Presented by Carol Meek of  Color Portfolio

Monday, June 4, 2012

Plastics Influence Fashion and Home for A/W 13-14

In Fashion we see a kind of retro spirit that is accompanied by a return to that which is familiar but different. With this we see Plastics in many forms from molded plastics to PVC materials to LCD fabrics created from plastics. Close-up Interiors features an article about the Belgian interior designer: “Light-weaving by Luc Druez for LCD Textiles” and “Systems based on plastics that react to temperature changes…currently being researched by the Fraunhofer Institute” for example wallpapers that change color by touch.

Plastics started to be used for Spring/Summer 13 and continue to be used for fabrics to give them an iridescent quality with changing hues, reflective and fluorescent finishes and are worked into trims like buttons and sequins to offer new shapes as well as allowing color to take on new appearances (see page 110-111 VIEW 2 Entice issue.)

Accessories feature plastics from eyewear to handbags and footwear to headwear such as Walter Van Beirendonck’s bowler hat (page 60 Close-up Mens Bags & Accessories A/W 12-13.) In addition, we see jewelry in Plexiglas from designers like Jesus Lorenzo, Nicholas King and Caco Design amongst many others (Close-up Bijoux A/W 12-13.)