Thursday, April 5, 2012

OPR's Spring/Summer 2013 Color & Trend Overview

Important Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

WORLD WIDE is an eclectic collection of a varied Globe-Hopping destination & travel influences: Travel wardrobes mix classic explorer, work wear & career apparel styles in natural tans & grays. International graphic & athletic brights are added to create a sporty edge to travel wear. Asian design elements in rice paddy tones are flavored with curry & ginger shades, while dark African primitive looks are embellished with exotic jeweled tones & decorations from India.

SPORTS STYLE is inspired by the wonderful worlds of Anglo-American sports from active, performance & country club sports to regatta & water sports. Color, fabric, styles & treatments cross-over from sport to sportswear & vice versa then are mixed & clashed to create new iconic lifestyle looks.

LIGHTEN-UP offers a nonchalant variety of paler color, lighter fabric & relaxed styles.  Newest are whole palette of colored whites & sun-bleached clear & transparent lights which are strong enough to make their own statement against pure white in solids to sheers for casual and career looks. We also see sun baked mid-tone bright & neutrals in faded & shadowy light print, pattern & new looking retro seaside & country resort sportswear styles.

CELEBRATE is a multi-global gathering & mix of an entire spectrum of brilliant & fun colors from different sources: tropical fruits to exploding fireworks; electro-neons to exotic jewels. This spontaneous & carefree story is a new & exciting fashion adventure for all Spring/Summer 2013 markets & categories from casual to business & sport to street.

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