Thursday, June 14, 2012

NEW Materials and Color Forecast for S/S 2014

Touch Concept offers a unique approach to collection planning for Active Sports!

Touch Concept offers all design elements including relevant components, to plan the season from color to materials & details. It showcases the color, graphics, materials (with lots of samples and sourcing) and conceptual trends which can be  combined in multiple ways.

Section One: Colors

- 6 color themes with 8 colors + 1-2 accent colors each, codified according to the Pantone® Fashion + Home and Scotdic systems
- inspirational double page for each theme with many photos and illustrations
- each theme shows one double page with feminine and one with more masculine color palettes
- lots of accessories, embroidery, print and workmanship samples
- general color card with all 50 trend colors, removable colors swatches for individual use
- 4 swap & mix pages to show more combination possibilities for the 50 colors
- color mix chart of RGB and CMYK values
- all colors available on Adobe® Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign and Freehand files offered by email request at no extra charge

Section Two: Materials

- 6 double pages of innovative material developments including article numbers and sourcing details

Section Three: Concepts

- 20 brand new functional fabric concepts, showcased by garment designs and original fabric swatches with technical data and supplier contacts
- added support available for fabric concepts upon request

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