Thursday, August 1, 2013

Color Portfolio Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Color Forecast


This season, preppy styling goes in an urban direction. We see a palette that is reminiscent of a traditional Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger color story with a dressier urban flavor. Argyles have transformed into graphic geometrics, while heavy tartans get a breezier, more updated feeling on lightweight fabrics. The colors for Autumn/Winter 2014-15 are similarly shifting to this metro feel, with a more primary and traditional stadium palette. Bold shades of mustard, hunter green and orange are balanced by sumptuous midnight blues reminiscent of the sky brightened at night by sleepless city lights.


Autumn/Winter 2014-15 offers a definite  distinction between the colors for Winter versus Fall where we see a rich tradition of autumnal hues. Colors of red and brown casted oranges, purples and neutrals abound offering a warm Autumn color story. In addition, the array of blues featured in this story range from red casted to green/blues plus blue casted and yellow casted greens, mimicking the wild foliage of the woods. Renaissance inspired still-lifes of fruit and foliage typify the colors of this story, with a chiaroscuro effect showing the deep darks of the Winter palette. Mixing and matching plays a key role in apparel styling, with funky appliques, chunky knits and plaid-on-plaid key prints and patterns. "Nature Inspired" gives one the sensation of a country retreat.


Incorporating various styles and sources into a modern collection is the basis for "Vintage Vibe". Elements from a variety of historical fashions are injected into garments and paired with a muted and jewel toned palette. Colors are dusty with gray undertones and a softened effect that give garments the impression of vintage treasures. We continue to see Baroque inspired ornamental patterns, like damask, wallpaper and needlepoint florals, paired with hand manipulated decorative techniques that echo the traditions of yore. Injecting mandarin orange and deep mint into the mix gives this story an updated twist.

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