Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Viewpoint - Transdisciplinary Design

Photo Courtesy of Viewpoint
In our changing world it is increasingly important to be synergistic. In the past, it was enough to stay in one’s own field of work. Now, however, more and more designers, academics, engineers, scientists and other professionals are embracing multidisciplinary routes in order to put forth ideas and work toward a common goal. Combining both critical and creative thinking is a necessity in order for new generations of professionals to succeed in our complex new world.

Transdisciplinary design encourages professionals to work together and collaborate on projects. Designers must now communicate with engineers and scientists like never before in order to face global societal, environmental and economic problems. This means there must be a radical upheaval of traditional methods of working, thinking, and designing.

It also means the scope of what we are capable of is much greater than we could have previously imagined. Sharing skills across fields radically different from one another can only result in innovative solutions to the problems we face today.

Read about the newest and most innovative transdisciplinary collaborations in Viewpoint - Transdisciplinary Design.

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