Friday, March 30, 2012

Consumers are Looking for Greater Value and a Return to Quality

Textile View’s Rebuild issue #97 explores “The return of value” whereby consumers will look for greater quality in their life choices, social situations and in the things they buy. “As people move from greed to Zen, from the outside to the inside, from the superficial and the packaging to the contents and the ingredients.”

“Whether it’s dressing, drinking or eating, more and more consumers are rejecting the modern notion that things should be done quickly and cheaply. They are no longer interested in passing fads, but in quality products with a proven pedigree that has passed the test of time.”

The influence of nostalgia, vintage and heritage can be seen in fashion and how we can take trends from the past and update them to work for modern day customers in the fashion and consumer goods they choose to fit into today’s lifestyle.

The Womenswear overview for Spring/Summer 2013 talks about “Optimism: A season where designers are striving to reach a synergy between respect for past traditions, whilst also adopting exciting technological advancements. The combined effect takes us to new territories in design where co-operation, collaboration, cross pollination and community are central, leading to products which have investment value, far from a quick fix consumer gratification.

A vintage aesthetic and a focus on ethnic or artisanal skills are all lovingly explored, but each is left open to creative re-interpretations, which place them firmly in the present. Boundaries become increasingly flexible, new alliances are springing up, seeing the sharing of ideas and resources as something to be encouraged and enjoyed.”

The Rebuild issue also covers:

- Spring/Summer 2013 Womenswear: colors, key shapes, fabrics, accessories & trims, and Casualwear.
- Spring/Summer Menswear: colors, styling, fabrics and shirting.
- Spring/Summer Print Forecast.
- Men’s and Women’s forecast for Autumn/Winter 2013/14
- A General look at how lifestyle trends are evolving.

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