Monday, April 9, 2012

Having a Shot at Celebrity

Viewpoint #29 The Celebrity issue: “Celebrity-depending on your viewpoint-enhances or diminishes contemporary culture. It shows little sign of fading-but it is evolving in scale, purpose and nature. What is fame today? And how might it change?”

“ The first principle of contemporary celebrity is revelation and for the consumer to discover the supposed private self behind the public self. Modern television and the internet mean that anyone today can have a shot at celebrity.”

There are celebrities that we admire for their talents, and those that are famous for just being famous alone. At one time celebrities were looked up to model our own lives, a paradigm that is no longer valid. The internet and social media has enabled the individual to be a celebrity of sorts in their own network of contacts giving us a platform to be heard as never before, promoting a sort of celebrity self.

Viewpoint #29 explores the various types of fame and what each means: “The Social Celebrity, The Serious Celebrity, The Self-made Celebrity, The Local Celebrity, The Branded Celebrity, The Virtual Celebrity, Celebrity Brands & Products.” A most enlightening read.

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