Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kidz Trendbook A/W 13-14 - Retro 60s, 70s, Rock n Roll and much more


The new A/W Kidz Trendbook is all about retro 60’s & 70’s trends, Rock & Roll, London influence, luxury, storybook and outdoor silhouettes, graphics and much, much more.

In the A/W 13-14 edition, four umbrella trends are presented each of which have five sub trends interpreted for boys and girls from infants to tween ages:

1)  Let’s Joy has five sub trends: Puzzle Me, Labyrinth, Pop Pets, Overhang, London Girls and Captain Space. Within these sub trends we see geo patterns, looks mixing stripes and prints, contrasting colors mixed with grey and rich darks. There are asymmetrical silhouette ideas and styles with a London influence, Outer space and sports graphics.

2)  Retro Boom the five sub trends are: Old Scraps, Team 53, Sweet Girl, London Cycling, Campus and Retro Soccer. In this trend we see traditional colors like various shades of brown, greys, wine and neutrals. Traditional prints: stripes, plaids, hound’s-tooth, toys, photo-real, Rock & Roll London, and baroque feminine influenced art.

3) Culture Flash presents an eclectic mix of travel art from Asian Himalayas, Japan & China to Scandinavian, North & South American prints, knits and graphics. Lots of ethnic and handmade folksy mixed prints, patchworks, appliques and 60’s inspired trends. In addition this trend has an urban mixed with nature/woods feel. All of the above are in the five subtrends: Kimono Girl, Traveller, Sweet Andes Chica, Wild City Hawk, Urban Knitting and Sir Hillary.

4) Eclectic Club offers five sub trends: Sugar Babe, Cool Riders, Sweet & Nasty, Jumpstreet 84, It’s Magic and Tribal Biker. In these trends we see British Rock, Punk & Glam music, 80’s inspired prints, 70’s biker/motor cross boys graphics. Edgy feminine Gothic influenced art that mix sweet soft colors resulting in cute trendy looks for girls. There are boys skater urban graphics plus Punk Rock trends for boys.

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