Monday, February 4, 2013

Is Menswear replacing Womenswear for fashion forecasting direction and trend watching?

Historically, Womenswear has always been the primary catalyst sparking the direction and leading other markets in terms of color, textile, and conceptual inspiration in the fashion industry.  Currently we are seeing a new paradigm evolving . 

Menswear mood inspiration SS 2014
Menswear style inspiration SS 2014

  “Sales in Menswear have increased by more than four percent in the past two years, adding $55 billion to the fashion industry”, according to this issue of Textile View magazine. It is with this in mind that designers are chomping at the bit to make a move to seize upon this recent turnabout within the industry. Manufacturers and designers are putting a much stronger effort into developing upcoming Menswear lines and opening separate stores for men.  Is Menswear replacing Womenswear for fashion forecasting direction and trend watching? 


Summer 2014, sees Menswear selecting color palettes that were typically in the past,  the province of the Women’s market.  The new Men’s colors are optimistic, and a lively refreshing upbeat change from the normally neutral Menswear colors.  Stores that normally would merchandise an overwhelmingly neutral palette of black, grey, and taupe as foundation colors are now adding brights and pastels while still retaining some of the aforementioned men’s staples. 


A very elaborate, cohesive and well thought out forecast has been created for Menswear for Spring/Summer 2014.  The intent is to usurp the position of the Womenswear market as the engine that directs what we see happening in future color and trends. Menswear is embarking on supplanting Womenswear as the trend leaders of the fashion industry.  Menswear is on the path towards a revolution, making all aspects of the market brand new.


Menswear colors SS 2014
Womenswear colors SS 2014

It seems that emphasis on Menswear has become so strong that Womenswear may have already started drawing inspiration from the Menswear sector of the market in a role reversal.  This issue definitely is going to make all markets in the industry step up their game regarding predicting future trends and designs generated to compliment the forecasts produced by every company in each market.

Womenswear colors SS 2014

So what is happening between the Menswear market and the Womenswear market?  Does Womenswear become the secondary market source for fashion information by looking towards the leading men’s wear market before launching their forecasts for future seasons?  Or is Womenswear and Menswear becoming ever more competing markets with such duels ending in who can create the most innovative forecasts and most fashion- forward designs and looks?  

Menswear colors SS 2014

The current issue of Textile View #100 ‘Regenerate’ magazine defines each market very specifically; breaking Menswear and Womenswear both down by color, texture, yarn, inspiration origins, and construction details.  View provides a cohesive Men’s and Womenswear trend forecast for Summer 2014.


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