Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Viewpoint # 32: Art

The definition of “what is art” is explored in various ways.

Traditional creative work is art but in today’s world how art comes into being is changing with the advent of new technologies, new attitudes and differing perceptions as to what makes something art. Of course the influence of social media, branding and art patronage is also altering Art .

The term “artification”  is being brought to all areas of life, sports, fashion, cooking, education, business, science, math and art itself. So for example, art can be viewed in a physical gallery or the gallery may be the internet featuring the artwork online. Adding a creative side to areas that traditionally are not “artified” can mean seeing and doing things in ways never done or thought of before resulting in new inventions and progress for society never before possible.  “Artification refers to the transformation of situations and processes not traditionally regarded as art into something considered art-like or which takes influence from artistic ways of thinking and practicing.”

The digital age has enabled artists to use the computer to create art in ways that was not previously available. In addition, it has also made art and the creation of art more accessible to the population at large. “ Easily available technologies are changing art for the better and bringing it into the real world. Internet and post internet art is open to all, from the self-taught to the highly technologically literate.” Greatness is and always has been rare in every art form. There are many artists but few Masters, lots of people make music but not many are great composers, lots of people write but few are brilliant Authors, etc. Today we see “Original Copies.”
“True originals are as rare in art as they are in design, culture and commerce. Might tweaking what already exists to make what passes as new be the standard of practice of the 21st century?”

Social media and the internet are impacting the immediacy of what we see and how we see it. Sites such as Youtube and Flickr mean much more real time views of pictures and events as well as the wide coverage or “viral” quality of the visuals we are all exposed to. Many businesses are taking advantage of getting their brands noticed through the wide spread and quick coverage that the internet platform can generate however, “ The healthiest balance between art and business is one where brands make a genuine commitment to creativity while artists retain their credibility.” So art is now something that is apparent outside of just the gallery setting and artists are taking advantage of new outlets to express themselves and be relevant to their audience and even bring humor into the conversation.

In today’s technologically advanced world, the way we perceive what we see, brands we use, what we view as Art and how we live our daily lives is forever changed. We are on message and sensory overload and due to the new reality of our environment, we are all looking for products and services that are more “real” and ways to switch off the bombardment of information. Our view of the world around us is permanently altered. 

The ongoing quest for authenticity could transform behavior and spending patterns, as socially conscious consumers switch their support to those brands that can demonstrate genuine honest.

Viewpoint is a biannual publication that explores cultural topics in each issue and what the impact will be of current trends upon future lifestyles. In this issue you can read more about the changing world of Art and how this will impact the world we all live in.


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