Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fashion at the Summer Olympics Part I

As the Summer Olympics are approaching, all the fashionistas are focusing in on Summer styles that have a sporty UK influence. The colors and trends we are seeing in the market are definitely influenced by this most important event that gives all of the famous sport brands a chance to show off their newest and best styles, colors, prints, graphics and silhouettes.

With events like sailing, swimming, diving, track & field, tennis, volleyball, cycling, motocross, board sports, boxing, gymnastics and more, this is a great Summer for designers all around the globe to debut new looks and exciting colors for the athletes to wear participating in these events.

One of the six color palettes in Touch Concept features “strong saturated slightly darkened primary colors with a sense of history, also beautiful when washed and worn, inspired by vintage sport images:

In Trendsetter Men we find graphic inspiration for Nautical, Team & Extreme Sports, Water Beach, Motocross and more to inspire looks that athletes can wear in some of the new techno fabrics detailed in Touch Concept. Alaska Ranger offers retro logos and distressed images evoking images of the rugged outdoors, wildlife and trekking:

Trendsetter Women offers graphics for females that cover Team & Extreme Sports, Outdoors, Nautical looks and more. The Nautical graphics have a classic country club attitude reminiscent of Monte Carlo Regattas and luxury Yacht clubs:

We all like to watch Volleyball at the Olympics routing for our favorite gals & guys running and dodging in the sand to return those spike shots and lob them over the net in great looking swim trunks for men.....

......and sexy, colorful trendy bikinis such as those donned by the female athletes images from Close-Up Womens Lingerie & Beachwear:

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