Wednesday, October 17, 2012

View 2 Issue # 13 Spaces

What is the significance of "New Spaces?"

Everyone is experiencing challenging market conditions. Products that have been produced in some parts of the world for decades have had their manufacturing positions usurped by more price competitive regions of the world.

The answer to the above is for the companies who have been replaced by companies in another part of the world, is to re-evaluate, innovate and re-invent their product(s) to once again reclaim market share. "Two key factors are impacting the season- the aesthetics of the product and the way it is made." This is some of the ways that traditional brands are cleverly reemerging to rise once again to regain their business.

So many brands are developing a story that  seizes the current nostalgic mood while launching something new for the future. A narrative rooted in the past, resulting in something with a new dimension to capture the interest of today's consumer and thus the large market share they once enjoyed.

What is trending in both the men's and women's markets is bright color, mixing of different patterns and a military influence with a new approach to proportion and fabric. There is also more attention being channeled to the types of fabrics, their texture, appearance (inside and outside), structural make-up as well as the use of traditional materials and fabrics used in new ways. Details matter more than ever.

This issue of View 2 is named "'Spaces' in acknowledgement of this fresh sense of optimism and creativity" No matter what path the design cycle takes, " spaces can be whatever or wherever you need them to be."
View 2 issue #13 explores retail, street, men's & women's designers, denim, trade fairs, fabrics, trims, color, key looks, key items, graphic, footwear spanning A/W 12-13, S/S 13, and A/W 13-14. In addition, there are S/S 14 forecasts for casualwear, sportswear, design details, inspiration and more.                           

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