Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pantone View Colour Planner S/S 2014

“Looking at color as a total language”

The new S/S 2014 Pantone View Colour Planner Portal: “ speaks to a point of joining; a way of referencing the past to inform the future, forming a path that moves us forward into another world. For spring/summer 2014 as we enter into the portal through to our way out, our interest in strong color continues becoming more grown-up, mellow and sophisticated in its level of thinking. Become a part of another view; another dimension; the perspective of a landscape turned on its head.”

Pantone View Colour Planner S/S 2014
  What is meant by “Portal” is based upon the Roman g-d of Portals Janus. This was a g-d worshipped during times of change such as birth, death, marriage, harvest, etc. He had two heads so he looked both ways towards the past and the future. So too, this season we are looking at two sides to the color and trend stories for the season; the past to look at the future. Natural colors of fossils and natural colors of chemically created materials. Blues of innocence, sadness and also hope. Warm pinks, reds and oranges that are urban and luxurious, then sweet and nostalgic. Bright and intense colors of nature and then bright colors of the digital world. Deep dark colors of the night forest and the colors of the light of day.
Portals brings the possibilities we can discover by looking at the past to see the vision of the future and allow us to be inventive in new ways. It is the spark we need to create new and different choices to present in the marketplace and offer our customers something compelling to purchase.


PANTONEVIEW Colour Planner Spring/Summer 2014 has seasonal trend inspiration, key color direction and a variety of color combinations for men’s, women’s active, cosmetics, interiors, industrial and graphic design.

To see the new S/S 2014 Pantone View Colour Planner  call  (212) 564- 3954 ext 12 or 13  www.fashion-magazines.com

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