Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Textile View #99: Reimagine

This new issue of Textile View #99 examines the trend we are seeing of looking to past eras, decades, styles and moods to produce the fashion of today. The publisher David Shah tries to answer the question: "Why always the past?"We see packaging, prints, colors, styles, silhouettes, music, art, TV shows and products that celebrate decades like the 1950's to market to today's consumer. Some of this is to look at past times when the economy was better in the hopes of conjuring up this feel good mentality to get customers to think as they did when their finances were better and open their wallets once again and spend to have a positive outcome on company's bottom lines.

The danger of the above is that if we only revisit the past, customers will have less impetus to purchase what we offer today. We need to remember that not everything was perfect in the past and technology and innovation of modern day society has much to contribute. "Let's hope buyers will pick up on this and not continue to follow the past, but treat the nostalgic and retro for what they should be-platforms to a more exciting future!"Thus, the current issue of Textile View #99 "Reimagine" reports on what is trending at retail in major fashion capitals. It is a go to bible of what to look for when designing A/W 2013-14 inspirations, colors, fabrics, accessories, trimmings and styling for men and women.


In addition, fabric and color forecasts are presented for Spring-Summer 2014 plus a lifestyle prediction of consumer culture to help understand the direction of seasons to come.

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